EYLER & CO was established with the mission to discover something authentic, something hand-made, a passed-down tradition, a labor of love. I've always had the entrepreneurial pull, but struggled to find that special thing or story that made me flutter inside. That is, until I met Alberto and learned his family's story.

Fourteen years ago, my family left behind the cold winters of Colorado and headed south to Mexico where my parents still reside. I am beyond grateful that this adventure of life has led me to Alberto & his family. When we first met at his shop, I was overwhelmed with the vibrant colors, the handmade textures, and the story of an art form and craft that has been passed down for generations. From sheering the sheep to making natural dyes (all from local fruits, plants and insects), woven on vintage hand looms, all run by his family. I knew then that I had finally found my mission, the mission of EYLER & CO, to share this intimate story and lifelong craft. 

EYLER & CO is based in Portland, Oregon.